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Fedora 39: syncthing 2024-c46536abe6
Update to version 1.27.3. Release notes:

2024-02-21 01:39:51

Fedora 39: caddy 2024-22b915e51a
Update to the latest upstream version, which includes a fix for CVE-2023-45142....

2024-02-19 02:29:13

Fedora 39: mbedtls 2024-bfd98be425
Update to 2.28.7 Release notes:

2024-02-17 00:57:59

Secbutler - The Perfect Butler For Pentesters, Bug-Bounty...
Essential utilities for pentester, bug-bounty hunters and security researchers...
Source: KitPloit

2024-02-14 11:30:00

Building a Virtual Security Home Lab: Part 10 - Splunk...
Cybersecurity Home LabA step-by-step guide for building your very own Cybersecurity...
Source: InfoSec Write-ups

2024-02-12 11:43:10

Effortless Android Pen Testing on Macbook M1 and M2...
Unlock the power of Android pen testing on Macbooks M1 and M2 with our comprehensive,...
Source: InfoSec Write-ups

2024-02-12 11:41:10

Fedora 38: python-aiohttp 2024-0ddda4c691
Security update for CVE-2024-23334 and CVE-2024-23829

2024-02-09 01:52:27

ClamAV 1.3.0 feature release and 1.2.2, 1.0.5 security...
The ClamAV 1.3.0 feature release is now stable!Today, we are also publishing the...
Source: The leading open source anti-malware software, brought to you by Sourcefire

2024-02-07 16:48:00

BounceBack - Stealth Redirector For Your Red Team...
BounceBack is a powerful, highly customizable and configurable reverse proxy with...
Source: KitPloit

2024-02-07 11:30:00

Belgium Cybersec Community (Be.Cyber)
Join the Be.Cyber community! On the program: news and tools monitoring, mutual aid...

2024-02-27 00:29:22

Fedora 39: python-aiohttp 2024-f249b74f03
Security update for CVE-2024-23334 and CVE-2024-23829 libs/aiohttp/releases/tag/v3.9.2...

2024-02-05 01:27:09

CVE-2024-21626 - Runc container issue
Publication Date: 2024/01/31 1:30 PM PST CVE Identifier: CVE-2024-21626 AWS is...
Source: Amazon AWS Security

2024-01-31 21:25:41