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Mowing down demons: DOOM comes to Husqvarna smart...
If you ever wanted to play DOOM on a lawnmower, you will soon have your chance with...
Source: BleepingComputer

2024-02-26 22:17:13

Travel Update! The NIST CSF 2.0 is HERE…Along...
NIST CSF 2.0 QUICK LINKS | Explore our Full Suite of Resources: CSF 2.0 Quick Start...
Source: NIST

2024-02-26 12:00:00

Debian LTS: DLA-3740-1: gnutls28 security update
Hubert Kario discovered that GnuTLS, a portable library which implements the Transport...

2024-02-26 09:38:51

The TechBeat: Apple Customers Return Vision Pro By...
How are you, hacker? 🪐Want to know what's trending right now?: The Techbeat...
Source: Hacker Noon

2024-02-26 07:11:08

Belgium Cybersec Community (Be.Cyber)
Join the Be.Cyber community! On the program: news and tools monitoring, mutual aid...

2024-02-27 01:12:51

Fedora 39: thunderbird 2024-81863a1613
Update to 115.8.0

2024-02-26 01:14:20

Debian: DSA-5631-1: iwd security update
It was discovered that iwd, the iNet Wireless Daemon, does not properly handle messages...

2024-02-25 10:45:20

Debian LTS: DLA-3739-1: libjwt security update
An issue has been found in libjwt, a C library to handle JWT (JSON Web Token). Due...

2024-02-25 10:11:09

Fedora 38: mingw-expat 2024-b8656bc059
Update to 2.6.0, fixes CVE-2023-52425, CVE-2023-52426.

2024-02-25 01:26:32

Fedora 38: mingw-python3 2024-94e0390e4e
Update to python3.11.8, backport fix for CVE-2023-27043.

2024-02-25 01:26:31

Mageia 2024-0048: clamav security update
The updated packages fix security vulnerabilities: A possible heap overflow read...

2024-02-24 22:52:47

Mageia 2024-0047: xen, qemu and libvirt security update...
This update fixes several security issues and also improves stability. References:...

2024-02-24 22:52:46