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How to make a fake ID online, with Joseph Cox: Lock...
This week on the Lock and Code podcast, we speak with Joseph Cox about how an OnlyFake-generated...
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2024-02-26 16:23:15

A week in security (February 19 – February 25)...
week in security
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2024-02-26 07:39:38

Joomla! patches XSS flaws that could lead to remote...
Time to get patching!
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2024-02-23 16:11:33

Belgium Cybersec Community (Be.Cyber)
Join the Be.Cyber community! On the program: news and tools monitoring, mutual aid...

2024-02-27 02:19:41

Update now! ConnectWise ScreenConnect vulnerability...
ConnectWise customers need to take immediate action to remediate a critical vulnerability....
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2024-02-23 13:37:20

Why ransomware gangs love using RMM tools—and...
More and more ransomware gangs are using RMM tools in their attacks.
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2024-02-22 16:08:53

Signal to shield user phone numbers by default
Chat app Signal will shield users' phone numbers by default from now on. Check whether...
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2024-02-22 11:11:59

Vibrator virus steals your personal information
One of our customers found their vibrator was buzzing with a hint of malware.
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2024-02-21 12:58:19

A first analysis of the i-Soon data leak
Data from a Chinese cybersecurity vendor that works for the Chinese government exposed...
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2024-02-21 11:21:54

ThreatDown EDR update: Streamlined Suspicious Activity...
Investigating EDR alerts just got a whole lot easier.
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2024-02-20 19:53:22

Law enforcement trolls LockBit, reveals massive takedown...
Law enforcement has humiliated the humiliators.
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2024-02-20 19:03:56

Wyze cameras show the wrong feeds to customers. Again....
Wyze cameras allowed users access to other users' feeds once again. An estimated...
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2024-02-20 13:27:48